Thursday, March 1, 2012

Music and my life!! dah dah do...

Is there anything that music cant make me feel?
I love the dynamic of music and how it affects me. The feeling of love that it makes me feel in times that love doesnt seem possible. It opens up this idea that although things dont seem like they will compell love to come into my life, it will. The justification that I feel when I'm angry listening to the right beat and stroke. It answers the questions that I have about life and the deeper meaning to my own thought. Why can music explain my mind better than I can with my own words? I try to justify that I know my thoughts better than anyone, but maybe... maybe the hip-hop rapper, the country singer, or folk singer knows me better. My words are in their lyrics. I know that this seems like something everyone notices. The ability to recognize, "this is my song" seems easily accepted but not as easily explained. I guess the only thing that I can justify is that I LOVE music and all it brings and shows me. ROCK ON!!

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